Principal's Message

The early years of a child’s life, from 0-8 years, are essential for his or her development in physical, emotion­al, social, intellectual, and spiritual domains. This period of a child’s life demands focused attention of parents and caregivers. There­fore, Early Childhood Education is best conducted in close partnership between the home and the school.

Early childhood age is the crucial period when the wiring network of neurons in the brain takes place very fast. These connections depend upon the type of life experiences and enriched experiences the child receives during this period. Preschools are places where children get their education, rather start their education. Here children need to get educational experiences according to their developmental needs. An ideal definition of a school in the early childhood field can be ‘School which gives opportunities to experience’. Hence it becomes inevitable to eliminate the ‘subject’ and adapt the word ‘experience’ as far as preschool education is concerned.
The vast natural environment and the social atmosphere welcome the kids with open arms. Considering the advanced researches in Neuro- psychology, it becomes very necessary that a preschool child gets lots of activity based enriched experiences, physical movements, linguistic practices, and the joy of various arts. Therefore we at Saraswati Mandir Trust have a value based curriculum specially designed to respect children’s identity, independence, cater to their multiple intelligences, and enable them to build their own knowledge with able facilitation of the teachers.

If experience is the ‘gist’ of early childhood education, then ‘school that provides opportunities for experience’ can be the definition of a ‘Preschool’.

Mrs. Sangeeta R. Chavan

Mrs. Sangeeta R. Chavan, Head - Pre Primary Section