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Healthy drink

Kids today know exactly what to eat or drink and often make demands to their mom for it. It is the mother who has to take charge to fulfil their children’s nutritional requirements. Shakes and smoothies are great nutritional drinks for children. By preparing an extremely nutritious and tasty beverage in the form of a shake or smoothie, you can make sure your child is getting proper dose of vitamins and minerals that body needs.

Thoughts about a book – ‘Totto Chan’

‘Totto chan – The little girl at the window’, is a book written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a Japanese actress who wrote this book based on her childhood experience. The book is translated in English by
Dorothy Britton.

Totto Chan is a book about a little girl named ‘Totto chan’, who was expelled from her elementary school. There are many characteristics of hers which according to her teacher are not normal like
other students. Totto chan cannot sit down during the class and always focuses on the things she finds interesting. According to the teacher she spends all the day sitting by the window and talking
to passerby.

Comparison between children

“Comparison is the simple term but it means a lot. Parents need to understand that comparing their child to someone else child is not motivation. No two children are same. They have different talents, interests, developed at different rates and have different strengths. Practically speaking, parents can either build or break the self esteem and confidence of their children. Expressing unhappiness due to poor performance will make kids feel worthless. Parents compare their children grade with others and then determine whether their kids academic achievement is normal, better or excellent. If your child is jealous the reason might be you compared them with others consistently.

How to manifest money in your life

From our early age we are taught that money gives security. And to manifest money you need to have money first, any college degree, or luck, but money isn’t just made, it is manifestation.
Manifestation isn’t about grades, status, luck. It is breaking belief and breaking the pattern of eliminating self doubts. Beliefs such as I am not capable, or smart or I don’t have any degree, or I do not have any status.

Benefits of kids playing outdoors

What is the meaning of play? A play is a favourite activity of the children. Any type of play they play. There are two types of play – Indoor play and Outdoor play. In today’s modern day definition of play for many children is being stuck in front of the laptop, television, mobile.

Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that encourages kids well-being and healthy physical development. Playing outdoors also will increase flexibility, development of physical strength as well as involve themselves in sports.


Gijubhai Badheka was born on 15th Novembere,1885 in Chittal, Gujarat. He was a high court lawyer. He was inspired by Maria Montessori. He was so impressed that he left his legal practice to devote himself to children and education. He was an educator who helped to introduce Montessori education methods to India. He published a number of works in the field of education including Diwaswapna. Diwaswapna book was first published in Gujarati in 1932. 

Parents should spend quality time with their child

“Quality time” it’s time that you spend doing things together , like playing ,talking or going out somewhere together .

Every other parenting article says that , time is the most valuable thing a parents can give to their child. Instead of expensive gift or elaborate meals, one of the best ways of showing your love to your child is to spend time with them. It’s an expression of how much important they are to you.

The value of discipline

Their not to make reply
their not a reason why,
their but to do and die.

These famous lines by Lord Alfred Tennyson emphasize the place of discipline in the army.

Effects of Advertisement

Does advertising actually affect children? Yes. Children younger than eight year old are defenceless against advertising because they don’t understand what advertising is. The world is dealing with paradox of choice and manufacturers are spending lot of money to make their product standout. Advertisement have certain effects on our kids. Don’t you all agree on it?

Shadow Teacher

A shadow teacher is an educational assistant who works directly with children with special needs during their early school years. These assistant understands a variety of learning disabilities and how to support them accordingly. A child who has difficulties to understand his daily routine activities and cannot control his emotions, needs a ‘SHADOW TEACHER’. It means that the teacher has to be like a shadow with the child for all his needs in his school timings. Duties of a shadow teacher depend upon how a particular child is.


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